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Mask care 


Mask care is an essential part to successful CPAP therapy. Keeping on top of your daily and weekly maintenance and mask care will ensure good hygiene.


Mask Cushion - WASH DAILY

The mask cushion has direct contact with your skin, this can cause a accumulation of perspiration and facial oils build up on the silicone so it is important to wash the silicone cushion daily. If not cleaned regularly the silicone will deteriate faster and the silicone may lost its ability to form a seal on your face.


DO Wash the cushion in warm soapy water

DO Use dishwashing liquid - it is ideal as it does not leave any sort of a film which can interfer with the mask seal

DO Rinse thorougly to ensure any excess soap is removed

DO Allow to air-dry


DO NOT Place in direct Sunlight to dry

DO NOT Use Soaps with contain moisturiser eg: Hand soaps, shampoo etc - these can leave an oily film on the mask

DO NOT Use Boiling Water

DO NOT Use bleach, alcohol, dettol, harsh chemicals - can cause the mask material to perish


Mask Frame & Headgear - WASH WEEKLY

The plastic frame and Headgear should be washed weekly. The Headgear may require to be washed more frequently in the warmer weather.


DO Wash the frame & Heagear in warm soapy water

DO Rinse thoroughly 

DO Allow to air dry

DO Wash headgear by hand - this will ensure the headgear retains its elasticity for as long as possible


DO NOT Put Headgear through washing machine

DO NOT Place in direct sunlight


If you have any questions in regards to maintenance of your CPAP mask, we are happy to help!