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How do I organise a sleep study?

To organise a sleep study we advise that you see you Doctor discuss your symptoms and get one of our referral forms filled in and signed.


  • Discuss your symptoms with your GP
  • Request a referral from your GP
  • Phone us or bring a copy of your referral to our clinic and we will book an appointment with you

Sleep study preparation

  • Have a shower prior to your appointment,  you will not be able to shower once you have been set up on the monitor
  • Wear a singlet or t-shirt and loose fitting pants or shorts. A jacket or large t-shirt worn over the top of the device is recommended to wear home.


What is involved in a sleep study

Sleep studies are generally a 30 minute appointment with a trained CPAP clinician.


During the consult, you will:

  • be asked to complete a sleep study paperwork, including a comprehensive assessment involving sleep & lifestyle history
  • be set up on a sleep monitor. The device is fitted over the top of your clothing (please see Sleep study preparation for suitable clothing). 2 bands will be placed around your torso, one around the chest and one around the belly button region.
  • Small leads will be placed around your head and body which measure brain activity, heart rate, oxygen levels, respiratory airflow and body position.


It is recommended that you go straight home after your appointment.


The equipment is removed by yourself the following morning and delivered back to the clinic.


When and how do I get my results

Your results will take approximately 10 working days. We will call you to let you know we have received your results, a copy will be sent to your referring doctor and you also should receive a hard copy in the mail.


I have sleep apnea, what now?

As there are different levels of severity with sleep apnea, therapy is not always a requirement. Once you have discussed your results with your doctor he/she may refer you back to us to commence CPAP therapy or to discuss your options.


Click Here to download your Sleep Study Referral Form