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How can we help?

At Jimboomba Sleep & Allied Health Clinic we offer a range of services to help with sleep disorders. If you haven’t been diagnosed, that’s ok, we can help. Already on therapy, we can help there too.


Services on offer include:


At home sleep diagnostics

Diagnostic sleep studies are required for the professional diagnosis of sleep Apnea.


Our new portable diagnostic technology means you can now have a full diagnostic sleep study (not just a screening test), in the comfort, privacy and security of your own home. Previously, sleep studies could only be performed in a sleep lab or a hospital environment with some patients finding it hard to sleep, which can compromise sleep study results. In addition, waiting lists for lab studies have made home sleep diagnostics an inviting alternative to a visit to the hospital. 


Therapy / Hire / Trial / Purchase

Dependent on your individual Sleep study results, it may be recommended to commence CPAP therapy.  CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, is the primary treatment option for moderate to very severe cases of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when the airways become blocked by collapsing tissue and tongue which leads to a cessation in breathing. CPAP therapy provides a continuous stream of air which holds the airways open and prevents them from collapsing and effectively treating Sleep apnea and snoring.


The stream of air, or pressure,  is delivered via a CPAP mask and machine system. Jimboomba Sleep & Allied Health Clinic can assist you with hire/trial or purchase of CPAP equipment. If you have undergone a sleep study at another clinic, we can also assist you with your therapy.  All our hires/trials and purchases include a comprehensive consultation. We stock a large range of CPAP related equipment . Contact us today to discuss your needs. 


Consultations / Home Consultations

We offer friendly and supportive consultations for our patients. We welcome new patients and existing, offering advice from Sleep diagnostics, to Mask fittings to CPAP therapy consults. Home consults are also available from our clinic. For a list of our services, please click here