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Welcome to Jimboomba Sleep & Health clinic

Established to assist with the diagnosis & treatment of sleep related disorders.

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Welcome to Jimboomba Sleep and Allied Health Clinic

Jimboomba Sleep and Allied Health Clinic was established to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of sleep related disorders.


Over the years, the clinic has grown in encompass a variety of allied health professionals to help service the needs of the growing Jimboomba area. We work closely with the local doctors, surrounding hospitals, the community and are extremely proud of the relationships we have formed with our patients and the improvement in the health and lives we have seen them achieve since working with us.


When portable sleep diagnostic devices were introduced, Jimboomba Sleep and Allied Health Clinic were able to start offering sleep studies from the comfort of our patient’s home. Previously, sleep studies could only be performed in a sleep lab or a hospital environment. Some patients have found it hard to sleep in this type of environment which can compromise their sleep study results thus impacting their diagnosis and treatment. For our patients, portable sleep diagnostics means they are able to have a sleep study performed from the comfort and security of their own home, in their own bed, allowing them to carry out their normal evening routines.


As many as 1 in 3 Australians suffer from some form of sleep disordered breathing (SDB), with snoring being a common complaint bringing a lot of patients through our doors. Snoring indicates that a person's airflow is being impaired while they sleep, and in some cases, the airway can become completely closed shutting off air supply entirely (obstructive sleep apnea/ OSA). Diagnosis and management of snoring and sleep apnea are the primary focus of our clinic.

The impacts on health and quality of life for untreated sufferers can include;

  • Stroke
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Obesity
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Heart disease
  • Lethargy
  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Frequent night time urination
  • Reduced Libido
  • Chronic acid reflux (GERD)
  • And much more


Our clinic not only offers sleep diagnostics, but also assists with treatment. We stock a large range of CPAP related equipment and pride ourselves on providing a friendly and supportive environment for our patients. We welcome patients who are diagnosed and undiagnosed, with hospital scripts and for any CPAP related advice.


In addition to our Sleep Clinicians and CPAP therapists, we have a team of allied health professionals available: Chiropractors, Dietician, Orthodontist, Psychologist and Podiatrist, meaning we can now be a ‘one-stop shop’ for most of your allied health needs.